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Tactical Training Available for All Law Enforcement Officers

Our goal is to make the training available to all law enforcement officers regardless of there duty assignments. Each year, an executive board is chosen by the membership and those board members are responsible for the day to day operations, as well as planning the annual conference. Our organization has become stronger with each passing year. The Association also seeks to further the networking and interrelation of departments and personnel.

Our Goal

The goal of the Arkansas Tactical Officers Association is to advance the education and professionalism of law enforcement and corrections officers involved in tactical operations, through the exchange of ideas and information relating to tactics and techniques.


To advance these goals we have created a four Tier membership package. The goal in these packages is to start bringing Advanced Satellite Courses back to the regional areas focusing on giving agencies the highest quality training possible. With these Tiers, agencies will no longer have to selectively choose a certain amount of officers to go to the conference in which only those officers selected would get the training and be ATOA Members. With “Team Memberships” the entire team would be eligible for several inexpensive training opportunities throughout the state.

Tier 1) 20+ $700
Tier 2) 16-19 $500
Tier 3) 10-15 $400
Tier 4) 1-9 $300

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ATOA membership
Arkansas Tactical Officers Training


  • A yearly state conference (certain fees apply)
  • Networking with peers and industry leaders
  • Valuable, cost-effective training applicable to current and evolving tactics
  • The use of ATOA Training Equipment (Must be a CLEST Certified Instructor)
  • The benefits of ATOA Training Documents (With Membership)

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