From The President


I’ve served on the Arkansas Tactical Office’s Association Board for over 10 years now. I chose now to be the time to finally run for President of this great Association. I have challenged myself as President to grow this Association even bigger then we are now.

I want to change our Association to a group of tactically, like-minded individuals that includes all members of Law Enforcement. We can use that like-mindedness to grow our Association to where it needs to go. We have reached a time in history where Law Enforcement is struggling to show people what we actually can do and truly mean to the communities we serve and protect. As a board, we see those changes and have started scheduling training to respond to it. Classes like MRAP Use, Ambush, and Active Shooter training conducted throughout the entire state. The Board is comprised of people just like you who work hard every day and we want to ensure that we are representing you well. Please go to the Contact Us page and e-mail any of our Board members to let us know what you would like to see in the future.

The 2016 ATOA Conference dates are set and we want to see as many people as we can attend the classes we are holding this year. Our Instructors are world class and work hard to instruct everyone on the latest trends in their fields of expertise.

The 2016 ATOA Board is committed to continuing the tradition of making each and every Annual Conference we put on better than the previous one. We plan to do that this year and hope each and every member knows that we are trying to abide by our goal, which is to provide affordable and practical training to the law enforcement agencies of Arkansas.

Chris Ameling